a comprehensive guide to gc
april 2001
Grendels Cave

grendels cave is a game of skill, courage and coeamradery. to reach the very top you will no doubt need to put in fanatical hours and see big white smelly men in your sleep; is it worth it? ofcourse not,. go git yaself a propper life. if yoru already hooked this site may be of interest.

start up guide
opening theory for newer players

points of interest
an faq with variouse tips

getting big
advanced walkthrough

a history of tribes
flavor for those too young/forgetful to remember

a breif listing of the monsters in the caves

secerets and exploits
the r0xx0riNg b4D a$$'s hand book

a listing of players as far back as has been possible

in the tradition of gc fan sites, a token poll

as linked to

fan fiction

this site may ruin your playing experience

please do not link to this site
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