the enginer of socity
a rainy night across herots banquet table, i met a traveling inventor. he told me of a weapon, an aquebus, that his guild in the south had devloped, a tublour missil thrower with many times the strength of the most powerful crossbow. such a weapon strikes fear into the hearts of a true warrior.. not becaurse he fears he might fall victom to it, or even that it might one day replace him. such weapons offend becaurse a true warrior understands that while one is learning how to use the sword, one should also learn when to use the sword. to grant the power of a weapon master to anyone at all, without effort, without training and proof that the lessons have taken hold, is to deny the responsibility that comes with such power.
ofcourse there are warriors who perfect their craft without learning the level of emotional disipline to accompiny it, but these individuals are thankfully rare. if the inventor had his way, if his errant view of paridise should come to fruitation then all the years of training would mean little. any fool could pick up an arquebus or some other powerful weapon and simply destroy a skilled warrior. when i pointed out my fears unto him, he seemed shoked-- not at the devestating possibilities but rather at my, as he put it, arrogence. 'the inventions of my guild shall make all equel!!' he declared. 'we will lift up the lowly peasent'
hardly. all that the inventor and his cronies would acomplish is death and destruction at a level heretofore unknown across the kingdoms. there was nothing more to be said, for i knew that the man would never hear my words. he thought me, or for that matter anyone who had achived a level of skill in the fighting arts to be arrogent simply becaurse he could not understand the sacrfice and dedication necessery for such an achivement.
the error in the inventors line of reasoning, i belive, on a purely emotional level, is that if a device such as the aquebus replaces achivement, then to what will people aspire? and who are we truely with no such goals? beware the enginers of socity that would make everyone equel, oppertunity should be equel, but achivement should remaine individual.

no seceret that ive come accros has been worth the time to use it

while you play gc the oppertunity to exploit glitches in the script will inevitably present itself: know that the game is in beta and there is no such thing as 'cheating' (thou exploiting bugs may result in your thane being deleted/modified by the creator). none the less, useing them is not without a price. i would encourage you to consider wether its worth selling yoru integrity short for for an easy ride.. and if it is.. is gc even worth yoru time. granted; some factions take this holier than thou attitude wayy too far but some things (all cheats and exploits included) are just lame and this game isant worth it. 'but everyone else is using them, i need to to keep up' ..i cant imagine that this will ever really be the case.. however.. victorys of cheats over honest players mean nothing while victories (even valiant losses) of honest players against cheats do. terminaly exploiting bugs will only harm yoru reputation (case study: blood knight, 10 grendel kills, many mannyyy hours play and still credited with no skill) and if you must cheat to survive, perhaps gc is not worth playing. go check out the compitition at mpogd
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