The Faction
long before there were tribes, there was "the faction". The most capable players of a generation for the first time banded together to dominate over all others, and perfect the knowledge of gc. members included Eclipse, Spiderman, Ant thing, Kordrun, Everest, and Munkey Nutzz. The faction was the first to discover and utilize the fabled viking sailor.

The Demon Clan
perhaps the first and greatest tribe in grendels cave. they started out in k6 and the legends say the founding members where pang, cain, spiderman and ant thing. joined shortly later by diabolic, karina and eclipse, then many many more. their early exploits involved where invading the odd smaller neighboring kingdom, pillageing, slaughtering and taking out the grendel. in recent times, under oni's jt's or thorins banner they have been less powerful

another legendary tribe, founding members from k26 where turambar, psychogundam, chuck and archevil later oni, dark Knight, ladybug and master ninja joined. they held many ik's in the 20-30 ish range. 26 and 30 where their strongest kingdoms

another tribe from k26, the tengu's younger rival, founding members where vxhawk, wyatt, lunar and kyra, later joined by uht, ravage and brecca. they held very many ik's through the 30-70 range thou 26 and 34 where their strongest

The Samuri Skeletons
this was the first tribe to be made in a bk, enigma was the first cheif thou once he left a young phiregod took over. famously the newbie tribe, several good players spent some time here including naugrim, argo, shako and cactus jack. they lived in the shadow/protection of the 3 previously mentioned tribes in k33

The Dragon Slayers
wild arms' tribe from singapore, also including hiro and affiliated with bonecollector. they have killed very very many ik's (by far more than any other tribe) but stayed out of the community. quick to build up but rather poor playerkillers, thus they killed the grendel as soon as they could (with the exception of k37) and moved on.

The Bakemono
oni's play thing, the coming together of many fairly good players, including jedi, drake, beez, zylo and slim. individually the members where reasnoble but at the time there was no space for them in the ik's, as a result they had little influence

The Regluators
Blood Knight, through dubiouse means, held almost a monoply on the advanced kingdoms before the spring 2000 reset, along with ashton and perhaps jedi on occasion. after having watched young guns he named his tribe the Lincon County Regluators.. i see a resemblance between BK and emilio esteves dont you? he continues to play cowboys and pig russlers

when the teleknights and the tengu put their differences aside, the nosferatu was born. untill the hackings and many of its members resigning, this tribe often controled all but 1 or 2 kingdoms. founding members where psycho, phire, tura, vxhawk and ladybug.

OK's Renegades
thriving amongst the hackings and cheating. this has become the largest tribe. lead by outlaw king and his brother mystical, they have recruited many including blood knight, jedi, the reminants of the 'new demon clan' along with any lesser players who would hop on the wagon
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