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an attempted listing of every player in gc's history. additions/modifications are welcome and all entries are made with an effort to be impartial.

she seemed as thou a sister to romeo,. was around in k16 and was held in high regard by oni from whom she found the occasional favor

active on the message boards, 'the gothic faery' she was the prodejie of cactus jack

first seen in k15, one of the most active at the time, he ruled there comfortably with his infamouse morph book. diabolic leading the demonclan assult bacame huge overnight, decimated everyone there and killed the grendel shortly after. anarchos continued to make an impact on gc running a close fight against oni in k19, and vxhawk in 45. in more recent times he has been known to ally with nosferatu against the renegades. he stood with jason in asulting k87

ant thing
'so how good where you at gc?' 'dont let them fool you, i dont think i ever played' modest as well as briliant? he ruled the forums, posting witty, whimsical and thought provoking post alike. in truth he held a number of kingdoms for a respectable time though never killed a grendel. member of 'the faction' he held a contempt for newer players and would have sought to have killed them all.

angel of death.... begining life in k3 and seemingly quite unhappy he got up set with samael over using the word angel in his name. one of outlaws first allies, he joined outlaws renegades and made 3 unsucessful attenpts to kill grendel in 105.

good friends to cleric.. thou reputly only good for whineing

the fourth founding member of the tengu.. long faded into the mists

another kali from k33, she followed phiregod through the samuri skeletons and beyond

the bounty hunter that spawned blood knight, later he became friends with outlaw king but has been largley retired for a long time

killa beez fought bonecollector and lost.. then vxhawk and lost.. the demon clan and lost.. then found his neiche in a quiet little kingdom wherein he joined the bakemono and killed a grendel.

creator of the game, human/human, cheif of the geats tribe and sporadically appearing/disapering in kingdoms, sometimes with 1000 of each stat and every spell natural. thou very much out of commision now he has in times gone by he was known to talk freely with the players and ofent grant favors

blood knight
has repeatedly shown himself to be a nephariouse backstabbing cheat.. thou not to take away from him, he has uncovered many an exploit ultimatly improving the game. his exploits include 10 grendel slayings.. each of which was under dubious circumsances including betrayel of k25 where in he slipped behind the back of his firneds to kill the grendel, k2 where he assasinated dune, the man who had given him extensive help and a parade of nastys. in the early days of k7 he was outmatched by dia and in k33 by syn. in k87 he came up against outlaw wherein he joined outlaws tribe. to begin with he made use of humolls gaining through amulet piece, cheat or playerkill. he likes to make thanes with high endurance then hack away at them putting the imps in magic. he has adopeded the fairy.

boba fett
mayhaps a demonclan groupie, added life to the old board and chat, he was friends with many of the chat regluars partucluarly karina and dia. known to be an avid pker and infomation broker, rumors have circulated that he has had dealings with blood knight. he played his part in k97 but after suffering the hackings faded away.

from singapore and grendel slayer who did little to interact, his favored improvment method was basilisk corpses. last seen trying to hold back the push of the outlaw king. outlaw went on to kill that kingdom,

breccas name is interwoven with lies and confusion. the orignol brecca apperently had the means to sail anything between kingdoms and was perhaps the second grendel slayer, tannis. thou in later times it is widly thought that somoene called kh took his in the hope of an easy ride. he earned a reputation as an untrustworthy trickster. he went on to kill k94 and 75 in the name of outlaw king's tribe

at wild arms' side. actively pushed newbie posts onto the forum

cactus jack
friend and ally to shako, co owner of the renegade dragon 'roadkill' that so plauged k33, excommunicated member of the samuri skeletons.

ruler of the old demon clan. 'brother slayer' he was infact the first to spawn a demon from the wyrds hellfire then pang morphed his demon! he was the one to come up with the idea of a clan and the reson tribes have been added to the game. he fell out with pang and incited the demon clan members to follow him to outlaws camp.

chuck in charge
from the fingers of the arachnoll who slept in the k26 countryside, came some of th emost creative posts the forum has ever seen. he worked hard and dug the cave as deep as a cave has ever been duggen. he never morphed thou mannaged 1300 speed. one of the orignol tengu

battled pang in k11, he was the first to get strong there thou didnt know how to kill grendel. when pang came and got stringer, clark got hacked. this lead to a friendship between the two and pang took the grendel.

joint founder of the badass tree tribe with spiderman

mysterymans coemrade from k9 and 83, she pushed each stat up in equel proportions

showed up in the ak's thou mostly worked for outlaw in tk.

dark knight
understudy to anarchos in k15, basilisk corpses where his favriot method of improving, he used a fairy/spider and tried to take a demon with him where ever he went. through diabolics order, he enjoyed the reluctant hospitality of the tengu in k30, and eventually passed on his thanes there to jesta. he was quick to take a number of ik's thou lost interest after he had morphed. when he moved into 34 to help romeo, he attracted a swarm of enemies who followed to kill him but proved too quick. he was for a short time a member of the nosferatu and terminally unluck at times, killed grendel in k77

friend to rendar, and nemisis to kyra. thou not a ground moving force he was everpresent in the community and mild mannered. he was seen liasing with jedi and got in a fight with vxhawk once. later to join the renegades.

the first pupil to eclipse and spiderman, dia was known to have shown a very high level of skill though the time that he activley played gc. although he was figurehead of the demon clan, merciless playerkiller, first ruler of the tk and multiple grendel slayer, diabolic will be remembered for his chrisma and active role in chat/message board above his deeds. he lernt the intricacies of 'supermorphing' from spiderman. allthou he lived in K6 he made overnight invasions into k7, k15 and k18 using the viking sailor to sail an 1800's cockatrice into the latter.

child of k16, greedy prodije to romeo, he was involved on the tengu's side in the war of k26, he sided with rendar and dash in k33 in hopes of getting revenge on zylo but phiregod and vx killed him at the height of the fighting. was one of the founding members of the bakemono, playing a big part in beez' grendel slaying in k42. he played the gangster from the ghetto & contributed many amusing or degrading posts to the forum

held a good grip on k2 untill bested by blood knight

eclipse.. the rayden of grendelscave, member of 'the faction' and the first to weild a demon (thou not through conventional means) he was exiled to a dead kingdom with it. he was teacher to many of the old vets and his imping style involved exceptionally high speed to begin with at the expense of everything else. he played a preferal role in the demon clan and made two early grendel slayings. amazingly cockey he shows no fear nor gives no praise, thou there are few left that have seen him at work, none dare to question his althority. first to bend morph to his will, the original apocalypse, death incarnate. he once killed beowulf only to die of a mysteryouse ailment no more than 3 seconds later.

'lord of newbies' he was the first to achive 50000 value and form a tribe in beginer kingdoms.. infact he did it severel times in astounding time frames.

coleader of the faction, wit and wisdom of the group. he amased what was probabaly the highest value the game has seen.

the villian of k26, he orcstrated hoax which sullied drakes and vxhawks name and flared up the tengu - teleknight hostilities. he was brother of riach and of high standing in jestas tribe, the titans

fenix warrior
deviant follower to mystical and member of the renegades tribe

forrest gump
never a powerful player

golden ninja
the oldest player known to have played gc, the first grendel slayer while grendels high stat was only 100, renowned for his of human/humans and constant inovation. interestingly hes been seen to play with exceptionally high strength in the 100's range. he never mixed with others in the game accept to occasionaly ally with eclipse and marked his retirement, shortly after the year 2000 reset, with simple post on the message board.

the one to finnaly put an end to kingdom 6, he was an old player with strong ties to cain thou surprisingly never made it into the demon clan. later the renegades.

grey fox
he grew fat of handouts and cyclopses in k25, later to quit once the kindgom fell and was forced to walk on his own. surprisingly for one so inexpirenced, he had a demon.

grendel slater, dromgosaur and vetren of few words. he left his thane sleeping in the caves one day. diabloic killed it inheriting rulership of tk

friend to the tengu, grendel slayer in k32

the slayer of k37, friend and ally of wild arms

he started off in k26 and then k33, later joined the nosferatu, under phires wing, and has been powerfull force against the baddies. killed grendel in 106

horseman lived in k9 for much of the time before the reset. he saved alot of amulet pieces and recovered his losses quickly after death. the day came when bloodknight pulled a fast one on him and when he re-emerged, he was a productive member of the nosferatu tribe in k80

humble guy
he spent all of his life in k79.. had a bit of a tough time with mystical and dark knight to begin with, thou eventually rose to power alongside naugrim

friend of protector shadow, they both dissappeared when pang killed k12

'the dragon with portage' they say he was the first to morph a dragon.. and that he killed the grendel with it

curaitor of the unoficial 'tk rumble' site and one of the short lived owners of k94, his crowning feat was stealing the TK away from outlaw king and blood knight. with anarchos at his side, he stole blood knights morph book and proceded to kill many of the renegade controled thanes.

jaques delmoy
never a ground moving force in the game, he was an actove poster on the msg boards

in the begining jedi laboured for bood knight in the advanced kingdoms, thou the time came for him to branch out on his own. he took up resadence in the ik's, made gratuitouse use of his former masters cheats and killed a few grendels. eventually he was hunted down and punnished for his cheating by the nosferatu in k51. he now follows a broom for outlaw

a controversial figure who shot to fame when dark knight gave him some thanes in k30. at the time the kingdom was the tengu's new home and emotions ran high in the insuing war. he had a very quick connection. after the reset he showed his skill by becoming one of the first to reach stts over 1000 in k76 where upon he formed the titans tribe. thou the kingdom later fell to vxhawk, jester moved on to take 2 more kingdoms and become a grendel slayer before fading away in the midsts of the hackings. he was one of the first to improve with disporportinatly high magic

known to made many guys only to die before getting them to 30's. curently playing with Silent Bob1 trying to make that dream come true even thou he say's the game has gone to "wyrd's land"

son of mario, he rose to power in k97 where in he took a kingdom for the demonclan. since the demon clan fell apart.

friend to Zpider, he was a member of the titans and then the renegades. reputly unskilled untill studying under outlaw

pupil to l7, he flourished under her wing. pleasent chap.

member of the teleknights tribe. instrimentel in bring down romeo and riach in k34

kamikaze duck
stood at boba's side in many kingdoms. was much liked in chat thou moved little ground in the game

known for playing a humfry, and for her aversion to the morph spell, she was a member of the demon clan. she cleaverly killed k16 while still subordniat to mario, by sneaking out on a school night after any who could oppose her where asleep. she brought charasma to the chatroom, and culture to the msg board

killian.. jeff.. everyones friend. seen in the samuri skeletons and more recently the demon clan, he is staunch ally to romeo, zylo, dia and vx. his crowning achivement was a spell as rumble champion and if asked he would advise you to use a large shield. species of choice is a gianoll and his first kingdom was k20 wherein he helped zylo retrive his lost amulet, then he moved to k33 and convinced zylo to come with him

coleader of the faction with everest, multi time grendel slayer, partnet to eclipse, feared by many.

she joined the game with the teleknights, thou on eclipses adviced, left. from then she played a prepherial role in the game untill k51 wherein she had done well under jedis wing. when the nosferatu, including vxhawk the ex-teleknight member, invaded k51.. she rallied to her old allie's warcry, and tiped the battle in the nosferatu's favor. popluar in chat, she fell out with the wrong people, and since has lived in self imposed exile from the community propper. ally to phiregod and vxhawk

L7 caused a big big fuss on the message boards in the name of 'newbies can kill vets' she then took k94, joined the nosferatu and lead the nosferatu invasion of outlaw heald k92 with the help of phire and ladybug wherein she killed grendel. she then vannished as quickly and mysteryously as she had appeared. dureing the time she was active, she spent long hours in chat.

born into a simple life in the shallows of k30, she found growth stunted by psychogundams quick stomp. eventually she joined the tengu and in turn the nosferatu. always quick to stand up for honest play and frown on those who would make their living off hand outs, ladybug repeatedly vanquishes the impure

she was cheif of the teleknights first tribe, the skulls, after she inherited it from adela. she played in 26, 34 and the begining kindgoms. often seen playing in the flora

cronie to outlaw king. in times gone by he kept a silent, deadly vigel over the tournment kingdom

he first came onto the scene in the days of k16, he learnt suspiciously quickly after a war with drake and stealing zylo's dragon, rose to power. he was marked on the demonclans most wanted on account of his fuss over the viking sailor and his part in makeing the seceret of amulet peices mainstream. there was a big huffabaloo over anarchos' morphbook that morpher stole from him and he later put in an apperence in k25.

master ninja
undoubtadly one of the strongest players ever to have played the game, master ninja made heavy use of magic much in the style of jesta. k25 was the pinical of his power in which it is said he once killed every monster in the cave! he was a quick imper and his thane master ninja II spent a long time at the top of the vale list

metal angel
another of the kali, he walked the intermediate kingdomsand held a semi active status on the forum

method man
by jestas side there where severel other players whos identities. through secerecy and multiple thanes, became blured. method man was one of them. he took part in the k30 war.

child of k16, he was expelled from the demon clan over miss apropriate use of an amulet. he was the one to steal anarchos' morph book at serverdown, thou he was later lured out and killed by anarchos. he was known for using many many thanes at once

of the samuri skeletons from k33, he walked away from that kingdom a motherslayer. later on he used a wolff and won a rumble. he was a member too of the demonclan

his favriot amulet piece was the spices, he did well in kingdom 9 and 83

brother of outlaw, partner in crime. spectularly, he killed k99 from under the nosferatus nose in one night, by stealing a morph book from anarchos. killed grendel in 104 also, he was quick to improve to 1000's in a fresh kingdom

nail was another from k26, he was fond of elements and trees. while he failed to make a big mark on the world before the reset, he emerged after it as a strong player who chalanged turambar for the advanced kingdom, k83.

by nail84's side, he used a fairy/gaint and was fond of ally trees

he spent alot of time as a top end newbie before hitting the bigtime in 79 dispite the heavy boot of dark knight and shortly after made a grendel kill in 73. he was, at the top of his skill, a quick imper who favored the elf/troll and whip. he spent alot of time on the msg board and played quirky hours on account of he was russian. the only champion of the war kingdom. forever a diplomat, he was ally to outlaw, dia and humble guy

spotted from time to time poking her javlin at goblins, she seemed constantly displaced by quicker imping players.

retired for most of his careea, he was the gun and wink deeeee-jay of grendelscave's premier radio station

after he played k25 under the omnipresent master ninja (from where stole marios demon, tormented) he devloped an insaciable lust for grendels. he made each kill with the same thane, that thane devloped very high value before the reset. beowulf, in recognition of his work and in exchange for his promise that he would not kill another grendel in intermediate, gave him his own species and 'oni'. his resume includes time spent as a member of the tengu and as leader of the bakemono and demonclan. he also formed his own tribe 'the brotherhood'. he made heavy use of basilisk corpses and the cyclops

outlaw king
first caught the attention of the world in k5 wherein, amidst a hacking scandle, he over threw diabolic and karina. since the reset, he again rose to control the tournoment kingdom and since cheats and hacking have run rampent, he has become the single most powerful man in gc. origionally he used the human/giant thou in more recent times he has adopted the fairy/spider as his race of choice. he is many times grendel slayer in intermediate and advanced, in a legendary attack on nosferatu heald 85 he killed many of their thanes including phirephirst with the highest value in the game. he killed the mother once ladybug grabed the grendel. archnemisis to phiregod. cheif and god of the renegades ally to blood knight.

ally to phiregod, was seen in k85

joint leader of the demon clan and grendel slayer of old. after the reset, when cain and the rest of the old demon clan mutinied to follow outlaw, he held them at bay and kept control of the demon kingdoms. second to none at killing romeo and personal jesus to diabolic.

peaceful death
big friends with famine, and enmies to riach, he was romeos only aprentice and played most of his life in k25

phire first made a name for himself as the cheif of the samuri skeletons in k33. very active on the message board he sucessfully held together a newbie tribe together therein. dureing the power struggle that ensued between zylo and rendar, he killed the grendel and left the scene. he reemerged after the reset as a prominent member of the nosferatu in k85 then stood against cheats, hacks and outlaw's tribe. he spent his time in k33 as one of the few kali in the game then later settled into the elfoll. he spent long hours in chat and made friends of everyone. archnemisis to outlaw king, he has perhaps taken the worst of the hackings, in despite of that held his own against the dark side of the force. a campaign of note was in 99 where in, flanked by psycho and ladybug, he took out outlaws and L7's dragons

he came into chat drunk once and told phiregod to go to advanced. controversial on the web board, he was known to spar with ant thing

it is suspected he was also the evil n-uao, thou he would deny it questioned.. his name has been tarnished by variouse cheats thou none the less, he is a 3 times grnedel slayer and acomplished player. he is known not to morph his humoll and push endurance at the expence of everythign else to begin with

protector shadow
friend to romeo in k10 and 12, they held long conversations while cowering drom pang

born of tengu and another big personality in chat, he an honoury member of the demonclan and later joined the nosferatu. pupil to diabolic and later eclipse he achived the highest stats the game has legitimatly seen and indoing so spend a long time at #1 value. viciouse pker and adopted father of ladybug

loudmouthed leach to jedi, he was a slow paced newbie that became a loyal follower to outlaw

allied to ss vegeta and anarchos in k15, he fought and lost to romeo and scyld therein

member of the teleknight tribe from k26 who was known for his shining moral value around the chat room

opposed zylo in k33.. took some knocks at first but things evened out towards the twilight of the kingdom. he joined the bakemono with zylo and then later the renegades with outlaw in return for 2 demons that outlaw gave him. all the while he learned from drake and befriended phiregod. he belives the seceret to grendels cave to be a fast modem.

stalked the advanced kingdoms during blood knights reign, credited with a good measure of skill and pupil to syn in kingdom 8

widley belived to be clark kent to jesta's superman

one of the first to uncover the seceret of the amulet peice, he took off in k11 wherein he allies with many of the players from that era. after pokemata killed the kingdom he moved to pastures anew and killed grendel in k29. particularly close to romeo, he helped her in k34

renown for the charm of a succabus, she captured many adventourors hearts. in k16 she happened accross a morph book and granted morph to anyone who would ask. third pupil to eclipse and under the tutorlige of cain, she was to kill the grendel of k34, thou her and her allies lost to the teleknights.

played most of her life in beginer kingdoms. she was responcible for drawing many of the better thane pictures taht beo introduced in late 2000, she was an enigma in chat and rarely spoke much.

began life as an unasuming newbie.. and ended it as quite an aggressive one. thou he never left beginer kingdoms he spent alot of time filling the msg board with big pictures and had a bit of a huff with aod. through his time in beginer, he shrunk twice to push his speed into the 60's and filled his strenght/portage/endurance back up to 17 with improvments from the banner click

horsemans partner

a child of k16 and by all accounts a loverble fellow. he held the favor of the tengu and fought to the last against the teleknights

known to haunt the message boards with left wing rambling and constantly whine at how unfairly he has been treated, shako was equely loved and hated. seemingly never having achived high stats (aside from the incident in k33 where he was given the dragon morph 'roadkill') shako has earned a reputation as the 'the careea newbie' became buddies withoutlaw, and a part time member of his tribe.

ally to beez and romeo. romeo once gave him morph but sadly master ninja stomped his dragon to little itty bitty bits. figurehead of drakeypoo's 'i wuv dela tribe'

sharp blue
seemed to play only the tk, he spent a long time with high stats in k5 and used bots in 87 to gather rings. friend to eclipse and ally diabolic, he was repetivly beaten down by outlaw king.

slim shady
fought by zylos side in k33, he was known to post some very agreeable drawings on the msg board. also a member of the bakemono.

was fairly good, he worked under jedi's wing of the renegades

partner of eclipse, member of 'the faction', grendelslayer and curatior of the fan site, he is looked up to second only to beowulf. he runs the ruble and was the founder but never a member of the demonclan. repute for playing with an arachnid, his playing style seems to have vanished into the mists. he refined the supermorph with eclipse. he and diabolic worked together to conqure the first TK

ss vegeta
allied to ramza and anarchos in k15, he fought and lost to romeo and scyld therein

by jestas side there where severel other players whos identities. through secerecy and multiple thanes, became blured. starsaber was one of them.

modest thou fairly skillful, he was allmost universally hated. he killed psychogundams port thane in k26 and morphed a dragon

"you want to know what really turns on a woman, poke her in the shitter. They all like it, just won't admit it" he lead a gloriouse attack against blood knight in k31 with pokemata at his side, killing the kingdom shortly after. also undisputed king of the rumble for a long time.

the tsar
very short lived gc experience in kingdom 28, but accomplished a few things with stats no more than 28. almost killed clops with hardly any spells and killed dk's demon slag. a friend of phire's and would have offered much if his career had continued.

prodigal leader of the demon clan for a short while. he stood in dia and karinas shadow. later to join the renegades.

thrawn was seen on the edges of play as far back as k34 and came into his element, becomeing very active in the forum, before the 2001 reset

amassed stagering value in beginer kingdoms. upwards of 100k, the most ever to be seen?

seemingly the player to bring the game to a new level, the first to take kingdoms in a heartbeatas seen in 30, 32 and 33. born in k26, and reluctant slayer of the k26 grendel, he was a member of the tengu and later the nosferatu. never having lost a campaign, he beat the teleknights in 26, the dragonslayers in k37, jedi in k51 and mario, bk/assorted miscreants in k25 to name but a few.

uht hails from the eastcoast rap scene and joined the teleknights in the late days of k26 as friend to vxhawk. his verble cut and thrust in chat where unrivled across the land.

there were at least two players to play by the name unferth... the first was of consequence, the second was not. eclipse and the original unferth had a huge war early on in eclipse's career... the war was long and bloody. beowulf ended the war himself. unferth lost.

adept in the art of misdirection. he was quick to change loyalties to whoever could give him the amulet pieces quickest. later to join the renegades from whihc he negotiated the k103 grendel for himself in the fassion of all letchrouse polititions

vampire hunter
said to be somewhat greedy and cattle hearder to the newbies, firned ot weird y and viper

founder of the morhp/sizing cheat, he was ringleader of the breakaway faction in k109 thou he joined outlaws renegades

born an arachnelf in k26, 3 times grendel slayer. member of the teleknights then later the nosferatu, upon leaving k26 he grew quickly in 33 with an eye to undoing turambars hold there thou ended up helping phire and the samurui skeletons. he then followed wyatt and kaiser into k34 defeating romeo and then stood firm in k43 against dia, syn and karina killing grendel. other campaigns include vicory against jedi in 51, jesta in 76, the demon clan in 73. he took many kingdoms and often came up against wild arms

labled 'the hacker' of kingdom 5, waldo showed a very good measureof skill when he made an apperance in intermediate kingdoms, and after the reset, in k86. it is said he had met and occasionally bested golden ninja as their paths crossed often in the advanced and tournoment kingdoms

weird y
once given a thane with straight 70's and 50000 value by beowulf.. slowley but shurley he died repeatedly and his stats became all but basic. known for his evocative flair for whineing

wild arms
he had very little contact with the gc community and spoke quirkey english 'singlish' as he described it (as he was from singapore) he was very quick to get big and put 10 big hairy grendels in their graves. he started out using elves for his first two kills then switched to faries for the rest. off the back of killing a grendel in k28 he moved to k37 where his tribe fought, and eventually lost to, the ten gu under turambars banner

wild thang
of the demon clan, she was the last to hold an advanced kingdom before bk's reign and plays an elf/fairy. close to cain, she was the first to stand over a basilisk corpse in the TK

'wont to be my friend?' seemed not to spend alot of time playing the game.. rather spamming chat with 'let me have your morphed thane please?'

wrestling champ
played for 2 years and was good friend to savager and horseman

promininant member of the teleknight tribe, he came close to killing grendel in k26. he lead the teleknight invasion of k34 against romeo, dk and riach. and ruled there after with a firm hand. he made good use of the dwarfoll and liked his magic javlins

the mysteryouse jedi clone

from the gc message board:
I have become pretty famous here about me and the Outlaw issue but I have warned enough and want to move on to some other issue. - Zelda* 13:33:56 08/07/01 (1)

he was puppetmaster to the kali 'anachronox' in a beginer kingdom, friend to julpun

'no fear your hero is here' he played superman on the message board thou not in the game. ally to coindex, he spared with romeo in 99.

first lured into the game by mario, he travled to k16 in order to settle a vendetta against drake. poseing as a newbie, romeo gave him a morph but mario stole the thane. recompence from beowulf on account of loseing his dragon in k16, was 100 imps and a morph in 20.. he was later to lose his control there to mario and j.t. thou made a comeback with darkknight at his side, and under the tutorlage of diabolic, no less than a year later. after killing grendel in 20 he moved to k33 wherein he was to come up against the samuri skeletons. zylo quickly grew big there and terorized rendar. his favored species was fairy/spider. at about the time the demon clan was falling apart, zylo spent some time as leader of a faction inside the dc that opposed thorins rule, zylo tried to restore the dc to its former glory, but shortly later he joined the bakemono

apoligies if the infomation posted here about you is offensive or wrong

thanks particularly to phiregod, ant thing, romeo, outlaw king, eclipse, zylo and diabloic for their help in compiling this listing
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