your a fairy goddamnit, have some finess! the bigest payback comes from tip toeing beneith the noses of giants, and biteing at their ankles when the oppertunity presents its self. some monsters are more lush for the picking than others so learn yoru strengths and their weaknesses, take the odd chance when your feeling brave, and may the gods smile on you. this table lists the significant differences between monster types.

name detect aproch fliers uglyable magic dam notes
goblin no no yes no good lightsick targets, no armour/sheild/ranged weapon
gnome/gremlin no no yes no spawn on their own only. easy kill
undead/skeles no no no* no good morph if your a super morph in need of portage
hobgoblin/k.hob no no yes no lightsick, watch out for shineys and crossbows
gnoll/orc no no yes no easy kill
ants/snakes/rats/trees no yes no no one to avoid below lvl 15. beware of lag
manticora no yes no no beware long range meele attack
cockatrice yes no no no easy kill
gargoyle/minotaur no no no no easy kill
medusa yes no yes no open to shiney shields
basilisk yes no no no one to avoid without neg port
sirenes yes no yes no no physical attack. cannot be teleported to. high maic may resist yoru ugly/stone touch
iron bull yes no no no high end may take long time to mind dam/poison
wraith yes no yes yes possible to fly in too close for darts too far for punch aprox 7 range
weight yes no yes yes easy kill
ghoul yes no yes no easy kill
centuar yes yes yes no damnable pests. try to avoid
ogre no yes yes no tricky kills
pixie yes no yes no spawn in swarms, watch lag, avoid
chinera/hydra no yes no no cant tell how close the heads are. not worth the effort below lvl 15
balrog yes yes yes yes carry whips, can get too close for whip, too far for punch with javlin
giant worm no yes no no poison will kill all segments. good gains early on. rarely attack on first turn
ghost yes no no yes easy kill

*can be uglied with a chemira morph

a more indepth beastiary to be found at phires site
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