the bbs
now hosted at spideys site, in times gone by this was as important to the game a the game itsself

spidermans site
the begining and end of the gc community. big thanks to spiderman for running it

phires site
up to date, flawlessly accurate infomation with a nice flavor and firey writeing!

the demon clan
the cain made a website with a nice message board (old dc msg board) the chat occasionaly used

thrawn's site
an extensive, light hearted basket of odds and ends staring gc's only sound effects!

crimson clouds site
seemingly but a control frame for eairlier sites.. it features some coooooollll movies

jasonwolfs site
gc apreciation and some what afiliated with the 'death angels' tribe

judicators site
very old (and french, quite novel-ley) home of the wonderful interview with beo. best take the infomation with a sceptical eye

pokes site
old.. and empty. once home to a semi active message board

gc police
heh. have you signed up to be a policeman yet?

tk rumble site
jasonwolf runs a nice site around the unoficial tk rumble

karinas adventour
really quite good. i like

hosted here but not exclusivly gc fanfic

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