pockets the hero
outside of grendels cave, an unassuming fairy wastes her life away in the flowerbeds.. this is the tale of her legendery raise to fame and power!

henerys valentine
its the night after valentines in the land of sosaria and henery our hero recites the fatefull events of the night before...

the ogre slayer
the city of yew is on the verge disaster.. a hoard of nasty ogres has been russeling the sheep and scareing the yokels..

the birth of a phiregod
when a legend is born, there are few few of us around to see it. witness for youself,.. the birth of a phiregod

all fanfic is welcome, based around any game or featureing any personailtys that we know. your orignol text will not be altered accept to format for html and you will be credited at the top of the page.
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