phiregod: the begining
It was a beautiful morning. The grass was green and the Sun was bright. Phiregod awoke from a long slumber to birds chirping at his doorstoop. It was the beginning of the rest of his life. Phiregod one to be secluded in his home and away from society found a note that morning beckoning him under those birds. The note not very different from other notes was written by his good friend asking him to come to the market that day. As Phiregod left his home for some reason he felt a bit of sorrow, for deep down he knew he was not returning to his humble abode. It was his time to spread his wings and fly and make his way into the world.

As he approached the marketplace Phiregod could see his friends waiting for him. For some time now an unknown beast had terrorized the kingdom and laid waste to many homes. It seemed his friends in their nievety believed they could conquer that beast and return peace to the kingdom. Phiregod had left home with only a few items: integrity, honor, respect, and good will.

As Phiregod got closer yet he could hear his friends laughing and in a good mood to start off their adventure. Each were young and good natured boys. Tsar was a young arachnid wise for his years and willing to come along, Eric a young troll whom was perhaps a bit too eager to get into battle, and Jerry another young troll with a very hot temper. Overall this group complimented each other well and stayed together through mutual respect for each other. Phiregod himself was the quiet sort and not one to jump into anything too hastely.

Legend had it that in order to kill the beast one must possess five mystical rocks that will come together to form an amulet of great destruction. Phiregod and his friends realized that the amulet at their current state was close to unattainable so they concentrated on honing their skills and learning useful spells. At first the work was slow. They understood that in order to improve themselves they would have to risk life and limb and fight the creatures within the cave of the beast. Slowly level by level the four walked down the cave and battled the creatures slowly gaining more and more strength. Each minute and each hour they got wiser and wiser. Soon they were one of the top fighters in the kingdom and respected by others, although unknown outside the kingdom.

One day after a long battle within the cave Phiregod emerged and walked to the witch to recieve healing and knowledge. While sitting at the witch offering her rings in return for knowledge in walked a beautiful damsel. Phiregod sensed a great power with her and introduced himself. Originally he had hoped she would be a great asset to his friends but quickly things changed, he found himself liking her. Soon his feelings got really strong for her and he thought of her all day. Phiregod stayed by her side whenever he could, hunting with her and growing strong with her. Her name was Azulie. Things seemed to be going well, their group was growing strong, with Phiregod and Eric in the lead and Phiregod had found a companion.

Then one day things changed. Eric had always had a grudge against Phiregod, Eric had wanted to be the best in the group and one day he attacked Phiregod to prove his power. Phiregod would not fight and while Eric continued to try to prove his superiority over Phiregod, Phiregod just sat there and let him talk and show off. Soon it was discovered that the mutual storage area of the group had been pillaged of valueable items. The only valid thief was none other than Eric. Slowly the group disintegrated and fell apart in feuds and fights. Phiregod remained with Jerry and Azulie, but the winds in the kingdom were changing.

New fighters were coming in to kill the beast and gain glory that were much stronger than Phiregod and his friends. Quickly they gained more power, to Phiregod it seemed almost impossibly fast. Phiregod watched as his friends lost power and fearing for Azulie he and her sailed off to a new place, a new place where no killings took place. Phiregod and Azulie there in the other kingdom became a part of a group of fighters called the Samurai Skeletons, but that is another story.
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