the ogre slayer
Twas long ago in the days of Barp. A young elf by the name of T was born in an old shack outside of Milos. At the age of 18 he ventured forth threw the wilderness with his dad. There they found a mean nasty smelling ogre. Suddenly it turned grey and attacked T's father. It hit him hard and stomped him. T watched in horror as his fathers corpse hit the ground. Anger built and feeled his body as he searched around for a weapon. Finally after much searching he sees a rusty sword on another one of the ogres brutally mangled victims. He quikly grabs the sword, screams at the ogre and they begin to fight. The sounds of ogre grunts and sword hits could be heard from miles away. The battle ensued for hours both severly wounded either one could win. Finally T got in a paralizing blow the ogre shreaked with pain as it fell to the ground. T dropped to the ground tired with exhaustion from the battle. Just barely able to catch his breathe 2 more ogres spawned. Fortunately for T a young warrior mage named Vxine had heard the sounds of battle and came to help out poor exhausted T. With Vxines heal magic and strength spells they made short work of the Ogres. T thanked Vxine for his help which undoubtably saved his life. T told Vxine of his fathers death. Vxine having traveled most of the land new of someone who could resurrect the dead. Her name was Spritefull she lived in the far west in a town called Yew. T asked Vxine to accompany him, but Vxine had his own quest he was on and had to continue on his way. Before they parted ways Vxine gave T a magic Broadsword of power and some advice on how to keep alive on this perilous journey to Yew he was about to embark on. Heeding Vxines advice T headed off to Yew. Battling his way through rough ogre guarded terrain and hiding as Vxine instructed from vicious player killing mobs. T finally made it to Yew.

First thoughts to find the powerfull sorceress Spritefull. Knowing it was a very rare thing to have the power to resurrect. T figured he would hear rumors about her at the local bar. After a few minutes had past T arrived at the local bar. He asked around about Spritefull, but either they was too drunk on ale or they was newcomers to the Yew area. At any rate T couldn t get a straight answer just a bunch of (hic) (hic) and idunnos. T sit down at the bar depressed and ready to give up when he noticed an old man sitting in the corner with a fishing pole. He approached the old man. Toothless Henrys the name the old man said as he offered T a fish steak. T hadn't eaten in days gladly accepted. T wolved down the fish steaks. Toothless gave him an orange potion to wash it down with said he cooked it himseld added a touch of Niteshade to bring out the finest flavor in the fish steaks. T told toothless besides the nausous feeling he got in his stomach it was the best he had ever tasted. They continued to talk for along while Toothless with his tales of fishing and adventures with the sea serpants, and T with his fight against ogres and his quest to ressurect his father. Finally T asks Toothless of Spritefull. Toothless exclaims I know her she lives just down the road aways in a log huton the outskirts of town. T buys Toothless a keg of ale and sets off to visit the sorceress. Finally T arrives at the log hut. He finds Spritefull in a bit of dissarray. She tells him how venenosa snuck in and switched the labels to all her potions. T wanting his father resed decides to play guinea pig and taste the potions. The first was a blue bottle with a purple lid. T closes his eyes takes a sip it explodes in his mouth. Oh my Spritefull exclaimed as she applies bandages. Stunned for a moment T proceeds to the second potion he drinks it and is struck by lightening. Hair stands on head hmm decides he kinda likes the new hair style. Moves onto the next potion. Drinks it a few seconds later he turns into a frog, ribbit T exclaims as Sprite gives him a magic grub which turns him back into his elf self. Sprite hands him another potion to try after being burnt,flooded, paralized poisoned,teleported to a dessert and stranded on the moon he finally finds the resurection potion. Sprite applys the potion and resurrects T's father. T gives his father a hug and says welcome back they talk for a bit. When up comes old Toothless saying the towns being attacked by an Ogre Lord. Toothless exclaims I coulda whipped him but figured you might wanna join in on the action. Sprite whips up a special potion and Toothless mixes up some deadly poison and applys it to T's blade.

So they march forth to battle the evil leader of the ogres. They run down to the town hearing the sounds of screaming along the way. Finally they are face to face with the Ogre Lord. T draws his sword slashes at the Ogre Lord the poison has no effect but the magic in his sword deals a lil damage to the ogre lord. Sprite casts powerfull lightening spells while Toothless mixes and throws greater explosions. Finally after much healing, meditation,sword slashes, and explodes they defeat the ogre lord. The ogres without a leader have stopped attacking people and the land is in a temporary state of peace. But it is definate that another ogre lord will spawn and the rain of terror will begin again. When such a time comes T vows to stop it, and put an end to the ogres once and for all. For there evil shall not go unpunished or unchallenged.
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