big magic
seemingly the most popluar way to get big at the moment is to sail in your psps whip, make a fairy, improve speed to 15 then magic to 65, take alot of rings to the witch and hope for ugly or mind damage. having such high magic will improve your invisibility and even monsters with detect invisible are less likly to attack on the first turn. getting all the portections helps but dont but if a few of them arent comming then dont be too worried about it. if you have a demon then have him search lvl 40 for targets you can easily kill, if not dedicate yoru other browser window to being awake with the same thane and licking the witch faster. flying and invisibility will afford you good portection on lvl 40 anyway and look only for single monster kills that cant attack you. equip 2 sheilds, you'll lose yoru equipment alot so small shields from the blacksmith will probabaly have to do thou large shields make a big difference and the witch will probabaly have pumped yoru portage up a fair way. linen haubruk and helmet, if you have access to named equipment from a previouse kingdom then take them along to mark locations. improve magic along side endurance, endurance as needed to keep from mind dammage being too much of a problem, perhaps 20 endurance at 100 magic and 60 end at 200with every kill from either md or ugly you should get 20% of yoru magic again in gains untill you have enough to morph. if you do nothing now but try for morph from the witch then its in the hands of the gods how long it will take you. safer is to refresh mind damage as needed, again dont wait on ugly you'll only be slowing yourself down. if you come accross a songbird by all means take it but trying to get 30 portage for the cymballs again is more likly to slow you down. once you hit around 350 magic its plain sailing as you can comfortably improve at a lvl of the cave where nothing will attack you first turn. at this point stash yoru hourglasses, don your shineys and clear out all other contenders/basilisks from the kingdom.. wait for the witch to land you with morph, shrink to neg port if you ahve the teleport spell and go make a super morph. basilisks are a liability. check for them every now and then and kill them (with elements if you dont have stomp) if a basilisk hunter gets an ember or 2 under his belt then your gonna have a fight on your hands

basilisk hunting
this is porbablay the quickest way to get big in an established kingdom, their easy to kill if you have enough hourglasses ..magic shineys make them almost a joke, if your sneaking in under someones nose then this works well becaurse you can amass embers without them realising your even there.. bit lame i guess. sneak a demon in to cash the corpses if yoru too lazy to kill a few hobgoblins with a gianoll and get 31 endurance

i like to push speed to 25 then magic to 31 before going to the witch, you'll only need to 'risk' one or two chimeras for this but if you see a 5+ seg giant worm leave it untill after youve finnished imping off gargoyles and the likes, but a stoning billhook/pike/whip is pretty important. 31 magic is nice becaurse you can get all the protections and gas breathing without gettin lumbered with all the rubbish at 33 magic like throw bolders and spin web. (phires site has a nice listing of the spells) once youve got all the prtoections hang onto your weapon and try that and your fireball on the first turn, that and invis on the second, if it cant detect keep invising and pokeing it with yoru billhook. your first gains on lvl 20ish will seem pretty lame, bring strength to around 10, and endurance to 20 first of all then push speed up to around 60 and magic as high as you need to reach the lvl of the cave you want to teleport to. then its time to take a risk on the lower lvls teleport to 40, imolate flying invis, kick pull billhook throwfireball belch gas.. you'll be surprised how often you pull a manticora into yoru flaming body for 20 gains or incinerate a balrog for 30. once yoru speed is 120 you can continue to kill monsters using fireballs, gas stone touch ect untill your magic hits 225 sadly youve probabaly taken alot of dammage to siren song and stomp.. this will only get worse, fireballs have taken you as far as is practical your gonna have to wait at the witch for a batch of mind dammage/ugly/morph before you can go any further. the best ive done oh speed alone was 400 str, 300 end, 1200 speed and 500 magic and tip toeing about lvl 255 hoping not to run into a a basilisk. at 225 magic speed becomes impractical so dont force it

ive seen a few people do this, with varying sucess.. seems in the olden days instead of flying and hoping they didnt get hit, they had enough endurance to take any hit that came at em.. would make for better use of imolate and impale weapons but slower progress. it would be nice if beo made flying/invis alot worse, maybe free up the game for artistic interpritation again. the nicest thing i can thing i can see about this method is thta it would make using multiple thanes to kill the same monster at the same time a seriouse possibility
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